“Pantone revealed the colors we will see everywhere …. in 2018 !! “
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“Pantone revealed the colors we will see everywhere …. in 2018 !! “

“Pantone revealed the colors we will see everywhere …. in 2018 !! “

We are only a few months in 2017, but that has not stopped Pantone from looking into their colorful crystal sphere what will follow in the future! Without yet having recovered from its unexpected 2017 color choice, Pantone is already giving us a taste for the colors that will dominate in 2018. At the International House & Housewares exhibition in Chicago this week, the International Color Award Gave the participants a taste of what will happen to the trend for 2018 ….


“The vivid metallic colors for 2018 are now classical, even neutral,” said Eiseman, managing director of Pantone, according to Home Accents Today magazine.

In terms of color, the trend continues away from pastel shades (like the colors of the year Serenity and Rose Quartz 2016 in more vivid shades). “Bright colors seem to be a natural application to our intense lifestyles and the process of our thinking these days,” Eiseman said.






The first color group, Verdure, consists of vegetables inspired by vegetables such as celery and foliage, as well as the purple berry and the blue of the shell. Eiseman explained that this pallet is “symbolic for health”. We think our “dyed buds” are the perfect pop colors from the Verdure palette for each room. This project even incorporates Scallion, our own shade of plant dye.


verdure2g      prasimo




Add something special to your room by incorporating Playful, the second color group, with colors like Yellow Minion, Lime Popsicle, Green Flash and Blue Skydiver. The best way to display these wonderful colors is having some pillow pillows on your couch with these bright colors! The reflection of your personality will be achieved in the best way !!



blue skydivergreen flashminion yellow 2lime green





Thin, but beautiful shades, discretion! The third color palette includes nostalgic shades like Elderberry, Burnished Lilac and Hawthorne Rose. Discreetly change the shade of a wall in your home by adding one of the above palette colors. The result will be slim and sophisticated.


discretion 2g

elderberryburnished lilachawthorn rose




Far – fetched

Far-Fetched is a palette that according to Eiseman “arrives and embraces many different cultures”. It combines pink colors such as iced coffee and Ruby Wine with earthy tones like yellow. We believe that these shades will be beautifully represented with this background on the walls. Think of the unique backdrop that could be created on your walls from these colors for the next party of your children!


far-fetched 2g

ruby wine



Then, there are countless shades that incorporate two wonderful tones of color into the dark: orange and blue. We believe that these blue and orange decorative details on the back of the chair will give your kitchen a slim and stylish color lift that will welcome guests from the moment they enter the room.






Complexity – as the name implies – reflects the popularity of sophisticated designs. It includes several minerals, some of which would say they are “new neutral” as well as Holly Berry Red and Yellow Sulfur. So what’s more effective than a wallpaper? It’s an affordable way to introduce a pattern in any space. The wallpaper could even be placed in the rhinestones from your wooden staircase! A perfect theme for renewal !!



yellow sulfurholly berry





Drama, Drama, Drama !! The intensity is everything and more, using deep, bold colors to create a palette to be considered. The classic colors, such as blue and plum, blend in orange, deep red and gold for a “certain strength, depth and complexity.”


intensity 2g





TECH-nique is a color palette that is a nod for the ever-growing presence of technology in our lives. The palette is an explosion of fun and intense colors, such as vibrant blue, green, fuchsia, purple, turquoise and warm pink. The trend also includes Brilliant White and frozen almond to compensate for these colors, which might otherwise seem too strong.


tech-nique 2g Brilliant-White


Dare !!

Put color into your space and your life !!

 The intense color awakens, animates, lures our mood!